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    HC Industrial Chiller
    Industrial chillers is mainly applied to the plastic industry, Industrial chillers can accurately control the temperature of the plastic mold to shorten the molding cycle, accelerate product stereotypes; Suitable for cooling a variety of hydraulic press t
    HC Screw Type Industrial Chiller
    HC screw chiller series can provide 5 ~ 30 ℃, ice water (temperature ± 1 ℃), can provide air-cooled type or water-cooled type, cooling capacity from 82,300 ~ 365,840 kcal / hr, can be widely used in the cooling capacity is particularly large Industry...
    HMC-W Water Mold Temperature Controller
    HMC-WG Water Mold temperature controller is used to heat up the mold and maintains temperature, also can be used in other similar applications. Use common tap water as the medium, the boiling point of water synchronization pressure increase this character
    HMC-H Oil Mold Temperature Controller
    HMC series mold temperature machine is used for the temperature regulation of the plastic forming mold and the extrusion forming drum.The temperature of the mold and the drum is controlled with high precision by heating and cooling control...