Energy-Saving Device For Granulator

Basic introduction
Model definition
Special Features
  • The energy-saving device of the pulverizer adopts "a kind of motor energy saving system based on three-phase sampling and fast response. Energy technology" development. The technology is based on the principle of reducing voltage and energy saving, and according to the load monitoring technology Sense the load size quickly, generate a suitable trigger signal, and dynamically adjust the SCR Through angle, the voltage at the input terminal of the motor is controlled to dynamically track the load change, thereby achieving The motor is highly efficient and energy-saving control under frequent, irregular load changes and large impact loads.system. The actual application of active power energy saving ratio can reach 20-35%.

  • Model Unit DZS-G-18 DZS-G-22 DZS-G-30 DZS-G-37 DZS-G-45
    Motor Power kW 15/18.5 22 30 37 45
    Voltage Range V 380-460 380-460 380-460 380-460 380-460

    Model Unit DZS-G-55 DZS-G-75 DZS-G-90 DZS-G-110
    Motor Power kW 55 75 90 110
    Voltage Range V 380-460 380-460 380-460 380-460


  • Don’t be used in series with frequency converter.
  • The power supply frequency should be consistent with the oper- ating frequency of the device.
  • Have any special needs, please contact us.
  • We reserve right to change specifications without prior notice.
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